Scientists and lawmakers have been arguing a lot lately about whether or not cell phone radiation cancer is real. Those on the opposing side say that there has been no real proof to link cell phone use with brain cancer. Those on the supporting side say that cell phone radiation does indeed cause changes in the way the brain works, and that these changes can lead to brain tumors and cancer. The question of course is which group is right.

A growing body of research suggests that cell phone radiation cancer is indeed a risk associated with using cell phones, which makes the supporting side the right one. Among other changes in the brain, the non-ionizing radiation emitted by cell phones blocks intracellular communication in the brain, intracellular transport of nutrients and toxins in the brain, and causes leakage in the blood brain barrier. These effects were found in numerous scientific studies on the effects of cell phone use on the brain.

And recent research is even more disturbing. These studies have found that while short term use of cell phones won’t cause significant changes in the brain, long term cell phone use makes people as much as three times more likely to develop a brain tumor. Three studies that have been conducted since 1999 are showing that those who have been using a cell phone for over a decade are the most at risk for developing cell phone radiation cancer.

These studies have also found that among those who have been using cell phones for over a decade, those who hold their phone on one side of their head were the most likely to develop a tumor on that side of their brain. This of course brings up how safe it is to use cell phones. Even if only one in one thousand people develop brain tumors from cell phone use, do you want to be that one person who dies of brain cancer?

Cell phone radiation cancer is indeed real, and isn’t something that lawmakers and cell phone companies can ignore. And neither should you. So get educated, and take steps to protect yourself from the radiation dangers associated with long term cell phone use.