Top Floors under the Cell Tower Antenna Closed After Brain Tumor

This report is a bit dated but it puts in perspective what we are seeing more and more of. In California there has even been legislation enacted to protect workers from employers who may be subjecting them to forced cell phone usage. In this case it is a reference to the placement of a cellular phone transmitter on the top of a building (these days these are VERY common and in reality these transmitters are now hidden almost everywhere in large cities) which may have been triggering worker after worker to have a brain tumor. If you or anyone you love works in areas like this please spread the word.


Mobile Phones Health Risks :  The Australian UK (5.13.2006) After a seventh case of brain tumor observed among workers in the top floors of a Melbourne office building, the top floors were closed down and 100 people were evacuated. The mobile phone towers on the roof of the 17-storey RMIT University building were thought to be linked to the recurrent cancer cluster. Slovakia, Bratislava Ireland, Dublin Sierra Leone, Freetown Mexico, Mexico City City Ghana, Accra, Guatemala, Guatemala City Korea (North), Pyongyang Austria, Vienna Guyana, Georgetown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA  Dangers : Video Rating: 4 / 5

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