Warning: Your phone can cause cancer | Cell Phone Risk

More reports are showing up everyday so it's getting pretty hard to ignore. Is this a grand experiment with your children paying the ultimate price?

Warning: Your phone can cause cancer | Cell Phone Risk

"We are in love with our mobile devices, we carry them around. Close to our hearts or hips, we sleep with them often within a feet or two from us.

Mobile phone and other portable devices, including tablets, have caused a tremendous increase of our contact base. We began with a telephone index of friends and colleagues. Today, we have moved to social and business networks, friends and their network of friends moving up creating a sea of people who you can reach and likewise be reached.

This has no doubt made our world a fantastically connected place but is there a price we are paying for this? Are we turning a blind eye to the already hidden facts. Let us in the midst of all this excitement check if there is a downside and what electro magnetic radiation emitting from cellphones do. And what little we can do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe."


If you ask me it's worth doing what you can to at least be a safer user of wireless products and try to avoid them when possible. Do you really need that fancy new "Eye-Fi" device or other such unnecessary wireless appliance that might sound useful but didn't you get along well without it? What do you think?

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