While lawmakers and cell phone manufacturers argue on about whether or not cell phones really cause changes in the brain, the rest of us know the truth. Cell phone use does indeed cause changes to the brain, because of the radiation they emit. And while this radiation is no stronger than the radiation that comes from microwave ovens, research studies have shown over and over again that long term exposure to this radiation harms the brain.

So while they argue on, the rest of us can accept the fact cell phones are dangerous to use, and begin taking steps toward cell phone radiation protection. By making these changes to the way you use your cell phone, you can protect yourself from the dangers of long term exposure to rradiation.

Spend less time on your cell phone.

You can do this by having a land linephone installed in your home, and using your cell phone only when you are away from home. You can also spend less time on your cell phone by using text messaging more often. Also, start asking yourself which calls really need to be made. Does that call to your sister have to be made right then, or can it wait until you get home?

Be careful when you do use your cell phone.

Of course, for some people it isn’t an option to spend less time on their cell phones, and that’s okay. These people can still give themselves cell phone radiation protection by using headsets, holding their phones away from their head while dialing, and using low SAR rating cell phones. And all people should hold their cell phones away from their head while talking – the speaker feature on cell phones can be a really great cell phone radiation protection.

Be educated.

Cell phone manufacturers are going to continue trying to convince you that cell phone radiation protection isn’t necessary. So to protect yourself from this, be educated. Follow the research being done on the link between radiation exposure and cell phone use, and know what is true and what isn’t. The best protection is being educated, and the best way to be educated is to think for yourself and do the research yourself.


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