Good Tips on Safer Cell Phone Use – How To Minimize Radiation Exposure

Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Cell phone radiation protection
Douglas James Cottress PhD uses a method called "Deep Trance Meditation" to share this information in a way that will sink right in ;-). His tips on safer cell phone use are in line with a lot of the tips that I've been sharing for years but when you watch this video you'll get this important information embedded deep into your subconscious.
Check out this video and minimize your exposure to that cell phone radiation:

Here's the explanation of this video from the video description: "This is an audio Deep Trance Meditation (DTM) session by Douglas James Cottrell set to images and subtitles to help summarize and convey the meaning of the words. If you are unfamiliar with Douglas' work, he is a trance intuitive in the same vein and style as Edgar Cayce. Search on his name for other videos or visit his website ( for further information. This information is not to be considered a source of medical, financial, or other advice and must be used in a reasonable and practical manner. This has been posted with permission; I upload additional vids like this periodically, so if you found this interesting, click the 'subscribe' tab. Thanks for watching"
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