Preventing the effects of radiation with Radioactive Iodine

Is this just a hyped up response to recent events for financial gains or should you really be concerned? I definitely don’t agree that “pills” would usually be the best form of radiation supplementation – see my page on supplementation where I explore a lot of different supplements that can be helpful.

I couldn’t help but repost this cause it made me laugh – since stuff like this is being thrown at us like wildfire lately. Nonetheless I feel there are real reasons for concern about radiation…

With the proliferation of nuclear and radioactive materials for both energy and weapon use, every American should think about keeping Radiation Prevention Pills in their emergency kit.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Hungary, Aruba, New Zealand or Maryland – fallout from a nuclear event can travel a great distance very quickly.

Anti Radiation Medicine

The time to obtain supplies is before a disaster. Fortunately Nuclear Protection Medicine can be purchased easily and inexpensively on the Internet right now.

Protect your children and spouse against the effects of radiation exposure by placing your order immediately using the link above. Don’t delay until its too late. Most people have a tendency to start hoarding when a catastrophe is immanent and it may not be possible to get enough pills once disaster strikes.

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