How concerned are you about radiation from the Japanese nuclear disaster

Finally someone who gets it! We must know which isotopes are being detected and be looking for those with long halflives and consider the DNA binding affects.

Facts: USA EPA RadNet showed about 50% down\broken and about another 15% unreliable 1week ago on their web site. Monday they made a statement that over 90% of their stations are running. I looked at their web page and they modified the map and legend. It basically reads 100% detectors have power, but about 60% of them are sending bad data, no data, and need to be reviewed. Good Public Relations work for whoever made these changes huh?

Let’s talk about the testing. Last I views on the EPA’s PDF “current radiation levels” has CA and AL last updated about 3-20-2011, even though the report date and time are updated each day. Did you see this? Go look at it, scroll to the bottom and read what they detected in CA and AL. Many different isotopes!

How about the “IODINE” testing? Do you know that over 8 days there will be very little to detect? Do you know that some charcoal detection stations have to send their filters to the EPA? How long do they take to get to the EPA? How long before they are tested? No wonder they show very low iodine levels.

Iodine- the big lie – Myself I could care less about iodine detection because it has a short half-life. Reporters must start asking the tough questions: What other types of radiation have you tested the beef, milk, water, and air for? What were the exact levels? (sick of hearing them compare it to 1 x-ray or a normal annual dosage- PR talk) How come you did not test it for Cesium? BR? TR? Plutonium? etc…

People: do not take iodine tablets in the USA – and if you ever take them, do not take the old normal Potassium Iodine tablets. There are 3 new types that will actually flush the bad iodine out your body when you urinate. You do not have to worry about iodine levels in the USA, only the other isotopes!!!

Remember the results of the US nuke tests in the western desert. Albany, NY had the exact same readings as 1 mile from the test sites. The mid-section of the US was spared because of the wind and weather pattern. Guess the EPA missed this fact when they question MA and PA getting radioactive rain from Japan.

Will it hurt you to carry a pocket size Geiger counter with you when you go shopping (for ANYTHING)? This is the way of the future. You can now purchase them from $200+ (Entire planet is out of stock and backorders are 6-8 weeks) You cannot even find a Geiger tube to make your own. Might be the 1st device and\or item ever sold out on the entire Internet huh?

Japan blamed the nuke company, the nuke company gave out real data and then they were ordered to retest. The new test that was taken HOURS later was much less (10Million down to 100,000). It is also logical that it could be a mistake, but what about yesterday? They took massive readings from the water table, soil, air, and sea. They were then ORDERED to retake the test. No other information was released, no new results- not even the initial measurements!

You cannot believe anything from governments on this issue because it is the future, especially for the USA. If you know anything about planetary resources, it is the only way we can survive into the next 500+ years. Wind is OK, but solar is not (learn why).

Now we have a coating of radiation around the globe that was not there a month ago. We can only pray for category 3-5 hurricanes to cleanse the upper atmosphere.

Since this has started I have been posting what is logically happening on FB and then the next day or two it is in the news.
We do not care about IODINE READINGS, what about the other types of radiation that the EPA has reported is in the air from Japan in CA and AL and now food, water, etc? We want to know the types of test and the exact measurements, not a public relations “equal to 1 year of normal dosage”.

Will this harm us in the USA? It will affect our children, help with population control (slightly), and increase …


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