A Real Solution NOW – Nuclear Power Plant Alternative

This technology is NOT some future thing in development that is eventually suppressed by the power elite – it’s actually available now and it’s proven to work. Sure, this is just utilizing the power from the sun and wind (sorry Tesla, we’re still routing for you 😉 and it’s ready to be installed in your community right now.

Who says there’s no REAL alternatives to nuclear power. Fact is, this technology makes standard solar technology obsolete – solar is currently dominated by a few large corporations like BP who obviously don’t care about efficiency and want you to go broke to buy their inefficient solar panels. It’s standard business since they have all their infrastructure manufacturing the obsolete technology already – so of course they want you to buy it…

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m aware of much more cutting edge technologies on the verge of availability that would also make this technology obsolete (*such as the “hidden” audio below the groupon deals on this post! it’s about converting a car to run on water). This, however is available now and it’s a design that makes sense for community development.

Anyway – I thought you’d like this little video about this new hybrid, super efficient solar/wind generator which actually looks really cool too!

Also, you should check out some of these groupon offers – they can save you lots of money and it actually helps pay some of the costs of running this site 😉

And be sure to look below the groupon listings for the super cutting edge stuff (ignore the first few minutes of the audio 😉
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This is a broadcast from last nite with a real inventor who has developed a method to run a car on water. After dodging a number of murder attempts he’s shared a number of details of his technology on this radio show last nite. This recording starts a few minutes early so you can skip to 6:10 for the actual start of the broadcast:

Dr X reveals a real technology that allows you to run your car on water! Is this the real deal? Well he sounds sincere but I’m starting to agree with some others on this subject that he didn’t really share anything new ‘technically’ speaking… What do you think? Also check this post about it.


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