Reports continue to pour out of Japan about the nuclear situation there, and across the globe hearts go out to those workers who are working round the clock to stop the radiation poisoning from spreading. Recent reports are comparing this nuclear disaster to the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, in which an explosion and fire spread radioactive contamination across most of Western Russia and Europe. But it doesn’t take reports like this to confirm what we all know – exposure to high radiation levels is dangerous. So why are the regulatory committees trying to convince us that some levels of radiation exposure can be safe?

The argument posed by these committees is that at low levels, ionizing radiation can be safe. But that doesn’t make sense – radiation isn’t healthy, no matter what level it’s at. Why else would X-Ray lab technicians stand behind a huge barrier when doing their jobs? Not to mention the fact that when you are having an X-Ray done, you yourself are wearing protective clothing. And while there are certain radiation uses that are fine, such as the use of X-Rays as we just mentioned, the idea that any level or radiation is safe is ridiculous. And that’s not just common sense either – that’s what scientists are saying too.

Research has proved that when particles of radionuclide are breathed in, (or absorbed into the body in other ways), it binds to the DNA. This causes the radiation exposure to continue, and in some cases even causes the DNA to mutate. And while the radiation levels are very low, the exposure is constant, and research has proven that this type of exposure affects the way the body operates. For example, this type of low level radiation levels can change the way the body metabolizes food. So again, why are the regulatory committees trying to convince us that radiation exposure can be safe at low levels?

The bottom line is that you need to think for yourself. Exposure to radiation levels, no matter if they are high or low, is dangerous. And while there may be a question of “how dangerous” low levels of radiation exposure is, the real question is this:

Do you want to expose yourself to any level of radiation when history and science both tell us that it just isn’t safe?

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