Mainstream media is lying to you. But that’s no big shocker, is it? It seems like most media sources report exactly what they think you want to hear – which isn’t always the truth. Why else would tabloids be so popular? Never mind the fact that these particular “news” sources are created thanks to nosy photographers who harass celebrities to within an inch of their lives. And those photos are at least “real”, even if the stories are not. So imagine how far off track a mainstream media outlet could get with reporting which types of radiation are “safe” and which types are not.

Especially if they are being helped out by mainstream scientists, who seem insistent on telling us that certain types of radiation exposure are safe. Who are they trying to fool?

The truth is that radiation isn’t safe, no matter what type it is or where it is coming from. The scientists and media toss around technical, scientific terms to try to convince you one way or the other, assuming that you won’t know what any of these terms mean anyway. So to form your own opinion, you need to know (among other things) what the difference is between ionizing radiation (nuclear), and non-ionizing radiation (emitted by cell phones, for example).

Ionizing Radiation

This type of radiation comes mainly from nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, and particle accelerators. It can also occur naturally from radioactive decay and cosmic rays. Ionizing radiation is unsafe at low levels, and deadly at high levels. And don’t let the media fool you – even one particle of radionuclide breathed into your body will bind to your DNA and cause continued exposure to radiation. And this exposure does change the way your body works, and not in good ways.

Non-Ionizing Radiation

This type of radiation is the type that comes from microwaves, cell phones, and even the sun. Scientists try to tell us that exposure to this type of radiation is safe; but even exposure to the lowest levels of non-ionizing radiation (UVA from sunlight) can cause a whole host of biological effects, including skin cancer. Why else would sunscreen be on the market? If the lowest levels of non-ionizing radiation can cause skin cancer, imagine what constant exposure to a cell phone (six places higher on the list than UVA rays) can do to the biology of your body.

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