There is a hot debate going on right now – do cell phones really cause an increased risk of brain tumors? Some argue that there is no proof of this, while others argue that there are scientific studies that have shown how the non-ionizing radation from cell phones cause changes in the way the brain works.

But who is doing all of this arguing? You’ll find that those arguing that cell phone radiation danger isn’t real are the same people who have money on the line – cell phone companies, for example. Those arguing that cell phones may not be completely safe are those who have done the research – scientists. But who is right?

Despite what the cell phone industry would try to tell you, cell phones do cause biological changes in the brain. Period. There’s no question about it, especially in the minds of the scientists who have been doing the research for the past twenty years. There’s no sense arguing with science! You might as well argue that we all live on the moon – something that is so obviously not true.

But what effects do cell phones have on the brain, and are they likely to cause brain tumors? Let’s take a look at some of the more significant effects that cell phone radiation danger has on the brain.

Protective Shock Responses

  1. Cell phone frequencies block intracellular communication
  2. Cell phone frequencies block in intracellular transport (nutrients and toxins)
  3. Cell phone frequencies cause leakage in the blood brain barrier

Ronald Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, has this to say about cell phone radiation danger:

“Long term and frequent use of cell phones which receive and emit radio frequency may be associated with an increased risk of brain tumors”

This is because cell phones emit non-ionizing radiation.This type of radiation is different from the ionizing radiation found in x-rays, because it does not have enough energy to change electrons or particles in atoms. Cell phone radiation is similar to the radiation from microwave ovens. But you don’t have your head in the microwave all day, do you?

In Herberman’s mind, and in many other scientists minds, the old saying “Better safe than sorry” applies here. Cell phones cause changes in the brain, which could lead to brain tumors. So it’s best to be smart about how you talk on your cell phone, to reduce the cell phone radiation danger to your health.


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