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This recent “Brain Activity” study that is all over the news lately is a spin on the real science if you ask me. Spinning science has been going on ever since there’s been a public debate about the dangers of cell phones so THIS is nothing new. This “Brain Activity” study is also nothing new, it’s been done before but the mainstream news won’t tell you this!

So what’s the spin? Their excuse for putting the phone on mute is so they can prove the brain activity is not from the person talking but by putting the phone on mute they are ELIMINATING most of the problems associated with the radiation exposure. The real problem with cell phone radiation is that it is a combination of a high frequency carrier wave (microwave) and a low frequency information pattern (typically a voice pattern). They conveniently REMOVED the voice pattern which is the part of the field which disrupts intracellular communication and intra-cellular transport. Oops! They did that by simply muting the phone and NOT replacing it with any sound pattern (a recording? wow, that was difficult to think of 😉

Dr Oz Cell Phone Cancer

Doctor Oz’s show called The Truth Behind The Headlines included in the second segment, Dr Oz discussed the danger of Cell Phone Radiation causing Cancer and of Diet Soda causing Strokes.  Here is the latest news on these topics:

Dr Oz Cell Phone Cancer Jan Jeffcoat, from FOX Chicago, reported from the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) where they are questioning the safety of cell phones.  They have shown that talking on the cell phone for less than an hour can increase your brain activity in the area closest to the antennae.  This implies that the brain is sensitive to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones.  How does this impact our health?  Should we stop using our cell phones?

Dr Oz said that now we have evidence that our brain changes from cell phone use, but does that mean that cell phones cause Cancer?  Dr Audrey Halpern said that it is too early to say, but this study is the first time anyone has been able to show a direct effect on the brain from cell phone use.  The study was done by giving half of a group of people phones that were on, but on mute – so it cannot be that the brain activity was caused by being in a conversation.

Doctor Oz showed a picture of the increase in metabolism in your brain which shows chemical messages being sent, but we do not yet know the long term implications of this brain activity.  Dr Oz said that in the meantime, since we do not yet know for sure whether Cell Phones cause Cancer or not, here are some Cell Phone Rules to live by:

1.  Switch ears when talking on a cell phone.

2.  Never use the phone when you have a weak signal, because the phone has to boost its power to improve the signal.

3.  Keep your phone 5′ away from your bed at night.

4.  For people under the age of 20, limit your cell phone usage because your brain is still developing.

5.  Use an earpiece or headset device if you are on the phone a lot.

What do you think?  Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?  Please leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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