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Cell Phone headaches – another story but what does this actually lead to?

We are in a new world now which has been overcome by information carrying radiowaves. Most of it goes unnoticed but it’s there and the density of this background radiation is growing every day as more and more cell phone masts are installed to give you better and better coverage with the latest wireless technologies.

What we know is that it affects our intracellular communication and intracellular transport mechanisms and it disrupts our DNA repair mechanisms. Essentially our cellular metabolism is compromised and the closer the radiation is to your brain the worse the situation gets. Knowing this are you surprised about headaches from cell phone use like this?

I have to admit I keep getting headaches with some phones when having long phonecalls. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the screen (always off during calls) or heating up of the phone (all about the same temperature while in use). In the past I would have laughed, but since I paid attention on when and where those headaches started, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the phone radiation. Yes, the general radiation levels are pretty low, but still, they are concentrated at our heads and some of us might be more receptive than others.

First I noticed it with my old HTC Trinity. When I moved to an area with generally low reception, I kept getting headaches during phonecalls, while not having them in other areas where the reception was fine. Those headaches always started on the side of the head, where I held the phone. When switching to a bluetooth headset (which has much lower radiation levels) the headaches were gone.
Another example was the Nokia N73 which I had to use for a job I did. I never had a phone before and after which had such an excellent reception. Areas where I couldn’t even get a signal with other phones, were no problem for the N73. I could make and receive phone calls without any problems (1-2 bars). For 3 days I had the phone around my neck with a lanyard. So it was resting on my chest all the time. And I can say for a fact that I got a weird feeling at exact that point. When removing the phone from the lanyard or replacing it with a dummy unit or switching it off, it stopped …
There are various other phone where I can reproduce that. Unfortunatly.

I’m pretty sure too, that different builds have different radiation levels and the radio rom is not the only thing affecting those. When running WP7 on the HD2 I got headaches very fast (after 5 minutes) being on the phone. With Android (at least the ROM I use) and WM 6.5 those headaches only start after 1+ hour on the phone and even then much less. The radio rom might limit the maximum output, but the specific reception control still comes from within the OS.

So since I seem to be pretty sensitive on this, I’m cool with Android on the HD2. I don’t get any more headaches than with Windows Mobile 6.5 (or other “low-SAR-phones”). However with WP7 on the HD2 I had serious problems having long conversations over the phone, comparable to my experience with the HTC Trinity in low reception areas. But I don’t think that any of those levels are life threatening – it’s just an inconvinience (at least for me). But being a gadget fan and geek that’s a little bit of a letdown, having to admit that those things might actually be harmful in one way or another.

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