Here’s a couple videos which I consider very important to understanding the issues about nuclear radiation exposure in light of current disasters. What we’ve learned from previous disasters and the research of people like Dr Christopher Busby have been ignored by the ICRP. This is a discussion between Dr Busby and the retiring Dr Valentin who was a member of the ICRP.

This was a significant piece of footage of these two doctors in the same room so I went ahead and edited it out into a shorter segment than the original full video. So below you’ll see my two edited clips which are on youtube and below those the original from Vimeo so you can watch the entire event if you care to. Sorry about the quality – I did the best with the source that was available.
-Joshua Parker

Part 1 of my edit:

Here’s part 2 of my edit:

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Busby book on Chernobyl mentioned in video:

Busby book on radiation “Wolves of Water”:

Here’s the original in two parts:

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