Smart Meter EWEB Public Testimony

The October 2013 EWEB Board Meeting was met with about 30 individuals from the public who voiced their opinion on Smart Meters to attempt to influence the board members decision in adopting these so called “Smart Meters”. The board calls the program “AMI” which stands for Advanced Metering Infrastructure, likely because Smart Meters have got a pretty bad rap recently with the release of the comprehensive film “Take Back Your Power” which documents dozens of problems with this technology.

At this board meeting they went ahead and voted in the first voluntary Smart Meter program in the country so supposedly no one will get one unless they ask. Now we will have to wait and see what kind of sales pitch they will give the public to convince them to actually want one! Many of us, however, don’t consider this a reliable solution because it doesn’t address the issue with public places, businesses, and renters. If Smart Meters are installed in these locations there will still be issues coming up.

Here’s the recent public testimony:

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