Steve Jobs personally rejects cellphone radiation level app emailing the

This is interesting but it’s too bad that SAR doesn’t really give us a clear picture of how damaging the radiation is on the body. It’s been known for many years (since at least the Nature study with earthworms) that there are significant non-thermal effects from cell phone radiation rendering the SAR test only partially valid at best.

Still it’s interesting how Steve Jobs reacted to this new app that seems to estimate the SAR level. Sounds like an interesting app either way…

By Simon Neville
Last updated at 6:59 AM on 25th March 2011

Apple’s Steve Jobs is well known for personally responding to numerous emails from the public.

But some of his replies can be a little more terse than others, as the bosses of a company which is developing an iPhone app that measures smartphone radiation discovered.

The CEO, in response to a politely worded email asking for assistance to get their app off the ground, simply said ‘no interest’ (sent from his iPhone, naturally).

Jobs rejected the app, which tells users how much radiation is absorbed. It’s calculated by using the location to phone masts and how the phone is held

Tawkon’s app – which is available on some Blackberries and Android phones – measures a phone’s Specific Absorption Rate, which is used to measure Radio Frequency (RF) energy and express how much radiation is being emitted.

The app requires information such as which part of the body is exposed to the energy, and the location of the RF source – in a phone’s case, the nearest wireless tower.

Each phone model will emit a different level of radiation, and the app will tell the user how much their particular phone is releasing.

Steve Jobs Jobs is known for responding to numerous emails from the public. Some responses are more terse than others, as Tawkon bosses found out

The Tawkon app will take into consideration environmental factors and physical position to determine how much radiation the user is soaking up.

It will then give tips on how best to hold the phone and where to move to to reduce radiation levels.

Experts have suggested that the real reason for the rejection could have been because of the amount of personal information the app wanted to access – something Apple does not allow.

But while the app is not officially available through Apple’s App Store, jailbroken iPhones can get it through the Cydia app store.

There has been no conclusive evidence that the radiation from mobile phones can cause cancer, but the U.S. Federal Communications Commission does limit the SAR on all phones as a precaution.  European countries also have similar laws.

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