Since relaunching this website in March the most consistent questions we’ve been getting has been what to do to minimize the effects of radiation nutritionally. After updating my knowledge on this subject I’ve got some ideas in this regard which I’m sharing here along with some of the interesting articles I’ve found on this subject.

Most of this stuff is readily available either locally depending on where you are or online from reliable suppliers.

Essential Minerals, Essential Elements, Nutrients, Organic Extracts & Foods You Might Consider For Protecting Yourself From Radiation Exposure:


It’s the obvious one but must be included here for obvious concern about thyroid function and the effects of Iodine-131. You need to make sure your thyroid is absorbing non-radioactive iodine and a gentle liquid supplement of low concentration is the best way I know about to do this. Taking concentrated doses of strong potassium iodide is only recommended when radiation levels are very high (such as near Fukuskima) but outside of this most health professionals will agree that this form of iodine is not recommended. Low level liquid supplements are more practical.

This first one is the best and worth the extra money because it’s the same atomic form that you utilize in your thyroid gland. The others are alternatives.

Here’s some that you might consider:

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[affmage source=”amazon” results=”2″]lugol’s iodine solution 2% j.crows[/affmage]

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This essential micro-nutrient is thought by some nutritionists to be toxic at higher doses but landmark research on how powerful and important Selenium is to immune function was done by Dr Gerhard Schrauzer in the 1970’s and 80’s. He found the still widely accepted RDA amounts to be far to small and having reviewed this research I strongly agree and personally consume 400 micrograms per day of organically bound selenium per day.

This is the brand that I use the most:

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The “organically bound” form is the one WITH yeast because the selenium is grown on brewers yeast. If you are sensitive to yeast you might choose the other one. I personally use the organically bound form and haven’t had any issues with the small amount of brewers yeast.

You can also get selenium from a nettles infusion, cooked burdock root, kelp and some other sources but getting enough from food sources can be challenging depending on your lifestyle. The supplement form is quite reasonably priced and has more benefits than just protection from radiation.


We need proper levels of zinc for proper thyroid function but when we don’t have proper HCl for proper digestion absorption of Zinc can be difficult. I’ve heard that taking it with a small amount of apple cider vinegar helps absorption.

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I’ve also heard it’s a good idea to eat beets or take a beet supplement to help you have the proper levels of HCl in your stomach acid to properly absorb zinc.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid:

High potency alpha lipoic acid helps your body utilize cellular enzymes and cofactors to protect against free radical DNA damage.

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Green Tea Extract:

The catechin in high concentration in green tea extract is known to be one of the most powerful scavenger of free radicals. My understanding is that this is classified as a flavinoid. Here’s a good green tea extract formula:

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Beta 1,3 Glucan:

This immunity booster is helpful for many things including protecting blood vessels from the effects of radiation and restoring healthy bone marrow production. It is a free radical scavenger and a very helpful supplement:

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Reishi mushrooms also have high levels of Beta 1 3 Glucan. If you want to take Reishi the best type by far is the one by Paul Stametz’s company – it’s more expensive but well worth it due to the reliable potency freeze dried reishi mycelium:

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This is also a good source of Beta Glucan:

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Rutin – a bio-flavinoid often found in natural vitamin C supplements and can be a protective glucoside for the effects of radiation. It significantly helps protect blood vessels from the effects of radiation. For a protective effect 100-200 mg per day may be taken but up to 800 mg per day may be consumed when exposed to significant radiation.

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Vitamin A has been shown to speed up the recovery from radiation exposure but may not be good to take long term and can be toxic to pregnant women and babies.

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B Vitamins are also known for their protective qualities and are essential for healthy cellular metabolism.

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Natural Vitamin C (with bioflavinoids) are essential to overall health but fairly easy to get in foods with a healthy diet. But you may want to increase your intake of vitamin c to up to 5 grams per day with this highly absorb-able form which carries vitamin c directly into your cells. This “liposomal” form of vitamin C allows you to maintain high blood serum levels of vitamin C for extended periods of time because it gets around the limitation of how much you can absorb through your stomach.

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Laminaria Japonica – this was one of the main supplements used by Russian Doctors to help eliminate the effects of radiation in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

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Other types of seaweed are great for helping eliminate radiation from the body. One thing to note is to avoid processed kelp meal which is often passed off as actual dried kelp – it is not the same thing.

What to do energetically is another story altogether and I’m preparing a separate page which I will publish soon on this topic. You might want to check this out in the meantime.

I’ll be adding more to this page shortly but what other things do you know to be helpful? Please share your thoughts by typing in a comment…