While many around the world grieve with Japan over their recent catastrophe, we still must think of ourselves also. As they try to recover and we do all we can to help, we also must be informed about possible health risks to all that are exposed to any level of radiation. Unfortunately, many of top scientists and the mainstream media are not giving us the full picture. They talk to us as if Japan is so far removed and the closest we will get to this disaster is what the television and the Internet tell us. Is this the real truth or is radiation sickness in our future?

Mainstream media tell us how the Japanese are cold and hungry. They tell us how the tsunami affected them and how thousands died because of it. They tell us of the damage. They tell us no one has died because of nuclear radiation. What are they not telling us? They are not telling us how the similar event in Chernobyl affected so many with radiation sickness. Cancer and other diseases were prevalent and millions have died as a direct result.

Radiation in the environment can be transferred to other parts of the world. Airborne radiation can be carried by the jet stream directly to the western portion of the United States. Should the media be covering up the potential dangers of radiation sickness? Ignorance is our enemy in our fight for health. Ignorance prevents people from taking necessary cautions and doing all in their power to maintain their way of life.

Japan is suffering, but we can’t help if we become devastated as a nation too. We need to be aware of the cause and the effects. We have seen what cancer does to people. We have seen people die of many diseases. We have tried to prevent these sicknesses and we should do all in our power to inform the public about radiation sickness. We must take all the necessary precautions because it is the health of our nation that is being threatened. What does our future hold? Nuclear radiation is a definite possibility.