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What do the main stream media and the mainstream scientists have in common? They don’t tell the public everything they deserve to know. Many times, the public must seek out the truth or their health will remain at risk. It is essential to be informed about serious issues like radiation side effects. With the recent disaster in Japan, what is the truth behind the dangers of radiation? How much radiation is safe? At what level is radiation dangerous? To understand radiation, we must know what radiation is.

Radiation is energy that is in the process of being transmitted. There is two types of radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing. Radiation comes from either human activities or from natural sources. That which arises from human activities can be controlled if we are aware of the level of radiation we can withstand and still be safe. Why aren’t the news media telling us all we need to know? Is there cause to worry when we consider Fukushima?

What you might not hear on your local news channel is: radiation can escape into the atmosphere as radioactive fallout. What does this mean for other parts of the world? Jet steam winds blow from Japan across the Pacific Ocean and into the western United States. It could reach the states within 36 hours. Most of the news media and some of the top scientists will seek to cover up the truth about how specific types of radiation can be taken so far away and how THESE specific types of radiation are so different than something like the radiation you’d get from flying in an airplane.

You will hear repeatedly that we have nothing to be alarmed about, the radiation levels don’t matter, and what’s happened is nothing like Chernobyl. We shouldn’t believe everything we hear. Studies of Chernobyl have stressed to some scientists that what happened to Japan is serious and dangerous. It will affect many human lives and it will be devastating. Ignoring radiation will not make it  go away.

The public needs to be informed of the obvious risks to their health. What has happened in Japan affects us all to some degree. People need to do whatever can be done to fight the harmful truth of radiation and how internally absorbed radiation and DNA binding has serious side effects. The best thing anyone can do for themselves and the people they know is be informed.

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